The Subsidiary site of Pizzofalcone

Originally, the subsidiary site of Pizzofalcone, also called “Military Archive”, was the Renaissance villa of Andrea Carafa della Spina, count of Santa Severina. The venue was later used as the military quarter for Spanish soldiers to headquarters of the Royal Topographical Office. In 1855,
the building was sold by the military administration to the State Archive. It mainly preserves documents of military history and archives from military magistrates, including the Bourbon-era Ministry of War and Navy, the military orphanage, the military courts, the papers of the Royal Topographical Office, but also the registers of the military districts of Naples, Aversa and Nola, including the matricular papers of the drafted, and the papers of the provincial draft office of Naples. During the renovation of the headquarters, other funds were also stored here, including the notary archives from the 15th to the 18th century.